Restorative Dentistry

Dental Repair and Restoration

At Pine Hills Dentistry, our team employs advanced technology and high quality materials to provide quality long-lasting restorative treatment. Whether you have a cavity, dental infection, or a damaged tooth, we can offer relief and (most of the time) preserve your tooth! We can even replace teeth prosthetics, such as bridges or implant restorations. We can even offer and full arch restoration with the All-On-Four implant denture system. Our digital technology and in-house dental lab allow us to save you money and shorten the time needed to restore your smile.
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Our Restorative Procedures

Endodontic Treatment
For cracked or infected teeth we can perform a root canal which will provide relief and preserve your smile. We take care to ensure the results not only safeguard your smile, but look natural too.
Dental Crowns
Our team can restore your teeth with full cones, or partials, referred to as inlays and onlays. These are custom-made from durable materials, and they blend with your smile to offer optimal aesthetics. Our in-house dental lab and digital imaging technology enable us to design, craft, and place full and partial crowns in no time! (Sometimes in only one visit!)
If you suffer from a lost tooth, or as many as three in a row, then we can help with a custom prosthetics. A bridge literally bridges the will span the gap in your smile, using a prosthetic we craft in-house in a matter of hours.
Dental Implants
Dental implants offer tooth replacement that can last for decades. We can secure an individual tooth and restore it using a custom crown, or use the All-on-Four technology to securely implant dentures in as few as a few easy visits. Dr. Miller is a board-certified implantologist who has been certified by several independent boards, including the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and the Board of Oral Implantology.
Schedule Your Restorative Visit Our Grass Valley, CA Team
Restorative dentistry can offer durable, dependable and affordable solutions for dental damage, decay and infections, and even missing teeth. To schedule a visit for yourself or a member of your family, please reach out to our Pine Hills Dentistry team in Grass Valley, CA, by calling (530) 272-6752.
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Our team is ready to provide high-quality dental care for our patients and their families. We have a full-range of dental treatment options, and care that can be personalized for your smile. Our friendly and welcoming staff are ready to help you enjoy a positive dental experience, with results that will turn heads!

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